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It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I’ve been getting all of your feedback, as well as how much you all have missed my voice -er- my words. I would apologize for the long overdue post… but in actuality, I’m not actually sorry.

Life comes at you hard, is what I mean.

Things are in a constant change- it’s the ONE thing you can count on to always be a constant and because it is… sometimes, one has to step away in order to maintaining being right within… or at least, trying.

A new chapter is afoot.

I’m taking the time to make sure I’m ready for it.

Are you?

How do you handle change?

How do you process change?

Do you embrace it?


Do you run from it?

I do a bit of both, if I’m being completely honest.

Hey! Change is scary! Especially when you don’t know what you’ll get out of it… which direction it’ll take. Change has a mind of its own and I just pray, I always end up in the right side of it, if you know what I mean.


This is just a post, to get your mind going.

A little “food for the thoughts” if you will.

Because, whether you like it or not,

A shift is coming.

Will you be on board?

Or, will you be left?

It's ya girl, IT'S MAYA,

and I'm out.

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LLY: Learn, Love, You.

Stepping into this new year, the best thing I could have done for myself is shut down. No. I’m not talking about the emotional shut down that happens as a defense mechanism. I’m talking about an external shut down. I got off social media and shifted my focus. Now, if you’re a spiritual person or a follower of Christ, you may have participated in the Daniel Fast.

For those of you who don’t know, the Daniel Fast is religious partial fast that is popular, in which meat, wine, and other rich foods are avoided in favor of vegetables and water for typically three weeks in order to be more sensitive to God.

Seemingly, its focus is the absence of food bringing you closer to the presence of God.

However, I started at the top. My mental, opposed to the physical. If my mental isn’t right, how can I expect my body to be or become aligned? I needed to shift my focus. So, I eliminated my greatest distraction.

Social media.

Comparison, truly, is the thief of joy.

Yall, when I tell you the last three weeks have been the best I’ve experienced in a long time. It was so needed and necessary. My vision is a thousand times clearer. I spent that time, getting to learn myself. Truly. Picking at healed scars. Dissecting my thoughts in a healthy, non explosive manner. Reading and teaching myself with a new, for women Bible, which I absolutely adore, and coming to terms with who I am and if I even like the person I am.


I do.

I just need to keep nurturing her.

I need to keep loving her.

I also spent the time, deciding about what it is that I want. Career wise. Relationship wise. Romantic wise. Financial wise. Life wise. For myself.

And what I don’t want.

And you know what? That’s so important.

Everything you want is out there and available for you.

I had to learn that.

I also had to learn that, I need to be open and ready to receive everything that I have been, and currently am, praying for.

I need to be ready.

And getting ready, takes time.

And that’s ok.

Staying calm, cool, and collected;

having a strong sense of self;

having love for yourself;

and knowing it is, what you want;

and will not accept;

is so important.

It is so important.

And I’m glad I was able and willing to learn that.

Now, I am not saying that everyone will come to the same revelation as me. Or, that fasting and disconnecting from social media is what you need to do. I am not saying that, nor am I trying to push that onto anyone.

I am simply sharing my experience and how it’s helped me, see life and everyday, a little bit clearer.

If you participated in the fast this year or if you plan to in the future, it’s your business. Do not feel obligated to share anything that is personal to you. Please. Keep all of your business, yours.

I just wanted you guys to know, if nothing else,

Learn yourself.

Love yourself.

Because at the end of the day, it is about,


It's ya girl, IT'S MAYA,

and I'm out.

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Let's talk about it

Hey guys!

As October comes to an end, it also, starts the beginning of seasonal depression. 

Now, I know, in the past, I’ve had my own introduction to depression so, during this new season, I try to be extra cautious of my moods and how I begin to act. Not going to lie, I’ve been sad for a few weeks now and it’s made it hard for me to actually have the desire to even be present, mentally and sometimes psychically, even when out and about with friends and family. It’s hard.

The reason I’m saying all this is, well… it’s hard. I know it is… but keep going.

Keep going even if no one notices. Like I said, I’ve been sad for a few weeks and no one noticed, but I noticed. You notice too and that alone, is enough. Recognizing how you feel, accepting what is, choosing to continue, is enough.

Depression is nothing to play with.

Seasonal depression, is nothing to play with.

If all you did today was wake up, that’s enough.

If you answered a text message or phone call, that’s enough.

If you even went outside, even if to check the mail, that’s enough.

Don’t ever feel discouraged or feel like you didn’t do enough to fight or save yourself when every, little, thing you accomplish, even if it’s blinking and choosing to continue to inhale, is enough.

Even as I type this, I feel accomplished for even doing something because, as I’m encouraging you, I’m encouraging myself.

It’s hard.

It’s so, hard.

But continuing to continue, is continuing the story.

Continuing my story, in the midst of the fight.

I don’t want to preach to you because I don’t think I’m in a strong mental capacity to do so, therefore, I hope you’re taking everything I’m trying to convey and applying it to how you choose to go about your day, heck, your next minute.

Drink some water.

Go outside for a few minutes.

Take a walk.

Watch your favorite movie.

Read your favorite book or quote.

Open your curtains.


Light some candles.

Listen to your favorite song.

Plan something exciting.



Doesn’t matter the order or even if you don’t do them all. Some of these, if not all, will help in some way, either big or small. Take the help. Accept the help. Share the help.

And keep fighting.

I see you.

I’m here with you.

I’m proud of you.

It's ya girl, IT'S MAYA,

and I'm out.

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Black Excellence

Black Excellence.

In lieu of all that is being achieved in this current climate, i.e., the pandemic, black families and friends buying land and purchasing the means and space in both, Toomsboro, Georgia and Metro Atlanta, for black lives to live, thrive, creating generational wealth and a safe environment for black lives to just... be. Existing with no limitations or precautions. 2 Black men, owning land and a thriving hemp business, reclaiming years and years of stereotypes that's been thrust upon black skin in the eyes of the judicial system, check out our latest episode for more on The Green Toad Hemp Farm, it just,

A breath of fresh air.

Black people,

Men and women a like,

are reclaiming their titles.

Reclaiming their crowns,

Reclaiming their thrones,

and more than anything,

Reclaiming their kingdoms.

My people, my brothers, my sisters,

are reclaiming everything that was taken from them. Everything they were told they could not have. Everything that has been sowed and now, it's their season.

It is their, season.

And to be able to witness this,

to be apart of the generation,

to support this happening, this coming to fruition... to have something to aspire to be apart of because it is just so positive and so necessary,

When I tell you Black people are resilient, it's not even the tip of the iceberg.

Black people, my people, can do anything.


If that doesn't inspire you, someone, anyone,

to want more,

I'm not sure anything will.

However, wanting more,

can come in time.

Please, do not feel like you have to do something, anything, right now.

It takes time to reach the levels of which I've specifically touched on. It could take years of research or even financial planning and then the years of execution...


Please, do not feel as if you have to start achieving anything.

If waking up this morning is your biggest achievement,

Thank God that you did!

If putting on actual clothes is something you're proud of,

I'm proud of you too!

Your accomplishments  are yours and even if, they aren't being celebrated or acknowledge within the public eyes, please, always know, someone is watching and someone, is proud.

If you have something you're working on or in the process of planning or even simply thinking about something, do it.

Do it.

This idea was given to you, specifically.

You were chosen.

You were selected.

You can do it because God called you to.


Do it and know, that with anything you do,

You are apart of black excellence

and black excellence is apart of you.

It's ya girl, IT'S MAYA,

and I'm out.

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Black Love


Something each and everyone of us strive for.

Whether romantic or platonic, love, is.


let’s talk about black love.

There is just something different about black love.

No matter what, who, or where, black love is just….

Whew wee.

Talk about striving to be loved, the right way by someone who looks like you (assuming you’re of the black community).


I know, I, myself, am aiming for that love.

The end all, be all. The ending and beginning. The sun and stars.

Black love.

Sharing experiences, views, values, thoughts, traditions, culture with someone who understands, relates and more than likely, can contribute more to the conversation. Someone who wants to create more kids to run around, to be an image of our love, personified. Someone who understands the every day fears and stereotypes lived through because of the color of our skin. Someone who can relate to the dreams and goals of the normal attributor. Someone who’s striving for greatness. Who wants to continue breaking generational curses and achieve generational wealth for the legacies that will come from the love shared today.


Does that not make you want to go out and stumble into the arms of the person meant for you? That can best give you the kind of love that movies, songs, books and art, are all made from. Inspired by?

A love that makes you feel like you’re experiencing heaven on earth. Like God, personally picked this person out for you because they are the best chance of you sharing life experiences with. Best chance of being understood, fully and entirely. Knowing that you won’t have to question the most essential part of you and whether or not, they get it?


There is just, everything beautiful about genuine black love.

If you’ve ever seen it, you know what I’m talking about.

If you’ve never seen it, I pray you do because baby, it’s like watching actual stars come together and create a glow that astronomers long to look at up close and maybe, you’ll understand why it’s so inspiring, so sought after.

Black love.

Whew chile.

It's ya girl, IT'S MAYA,

and I'm out.

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This is what's gotten me through Quarantine


for some reason,

unbeknownst to me;

everyone seems to think I'm the Netflix and Books plug.


let me introduce you to what's gotten me through this quarantine/ stay at home, since, like many of you, I'm back at work now... yay.

Let's start with books.

I'm a series girl. I love to sit down with a good, thick, page turner so,

the Divergent Series by Veronica Roth definitely had my attention. It's a 3 book series based on a world where fractions are the society norm. It's also a movie series so, if you don't read, movie recommendation coming early.

Relationship Goals by Michael Todd became a book club read for my friends and I to help us maintain and attend weekly zoom calls to discuss. If you're single or even in a relationship, Todd's main focus of the book is self wholeness as well as fulfillment of one before becoming two. It features a lot of strong points and easily acknowledges certain patterns and expectations that can be a frequent projection.

Lastly, the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. If you didn't know, I'm a preacher's kid. With that being said, when Harry Potter became a phenomenon within my generation, I was not able to indulge in the books or the movies. The Christian school I attended had them banned in the library and my parents refused to purchase them. So, now that I'm grown and have my own money, I decided it was time for me to read and see and considering how much free time I've had these days, what a perfect time to start. Harry Potter focuses on a the life of a twelve year old boy who thought he was simply strange and misplaced, only to discover he's a wizard, destined for the extraordinary. I've read a book, and watched a movie in order of my reading. Currently, I'm on book 6, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, can you tell I'm enjoying them?

Now that we've gotten books out of the way, let me share a list of albums that's come out during the stay at home that have been in constant rotation within my playlist.

DVSN - A Muse In Her Feelings

Kehlani - It Was Good Until It Wasn't

Chloe x Halle - Ungodly Hour

Teyana Taylor - The Album

August Alsina - stateofEMERGEncy

KYLE - See You When I am Famous!!!!!!!

Jhene Aiko - Chilombo (Deluxe)

Summer Walker - Life On Earth EP

Jimmie Allen - Mercury Lane

6lack - 6pc Hot EP

Drake - Dark Lane Demo Tapes

K Camp - Kiss 5

That's all the music, for me at least. 

Now, the nitty and gritty. Streaming and Binging. I'm going to divide it up based on the streaming platform, so it's easier to search if you'd like. Bare with me because this part... is the long part. If you see an (*) located behind the title, it's because the series or movie was just that good.

Let's start with;

Amazon Prime:

Now, I know not everyone has this streaming platform but, if you do;

Selah & The Spades


Madea's Family Funeral

47 Meters Down Uncaged

Instant Family

Home Again

What Men Want


Grandma's House


Fast Color


Knives Out*

My Spy*

In The Mix



Little Fires Everywhere*

High Fidelity*

Dear Victor

Yeah, I know it's a short list but you'll see why in a moment.

Disney Plus:

Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2, 3, 4

Frozen 2

Marvel's Runaways

The Little Mermaid

Star Girl




Zenon 1, 2, 3



Lilo & Stitch

Let It Shine


Avengers: Endgame

Hannah Montana

Beauty and the Beast


Maleficient, Mistress of Evil*



New Girl*

Kim's Convenience

Black Lightening

Madam C.J. Walker- Self Made


On My Block*



The Aaron Hernandez Story

Always A Bridesmaid

Joe Exotic, The Tiger King


Outer Banks*

The Walking Dead

Too Hot To Handle

The Good Witch

Roswell: New Mexico*

Never Have I Ever*

The Willouby's

Code 8

Avatar: The Last Airbender



Alexa and Katie

Now, the lists are completely and you have all the things that have kept me sane, other than excessive sleeping, eating and wisdom teeth surgery. I also took the time to redo my bedroom, begin learning new trades and certifications so, if you're apart of the, gotta stay productive crew, online certifications are always a recommendation. You can never have too many.

Thanks for baring with me. I hope this helps or at least, you find a new book, album or show to watch. Comment and let me know what you did or what helped you during the quarantine. I love new recommendations!

It's ya girl, IT'S MAYA,

and I'm out.

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Black Lives Matter



It's taken me a while to write this.... or anything because like you, and many others... I'm tired and I'm angry.

I'm still, angry.

And, I wanted to be sure I'd felt everything I needed to feel in the time that I felt them and that my emotions were in the place they needed to be in so that, this post, didn't come off sounding like another angry post.

However, if it does, so be it.

It's not the fact that, another innocent black man lost his life at the hands of those promised to protect and serve,

But the fact that innocent black men, black women, black children, BLACK PEOPLE, continue to lose their lives at the hands of those same men and women in uniform as if, it's a sport.

As if, there's more black people that'll just pop up like weeds in place of the one that's gone.

It's not right.

It's not right.

And yet, it keeps happening.

It continues to happen.

And maybe my frustrations come from the fact that it could all be avoided. It could honestly, not even be happening right now or at all if, those same people who promised to protect and serve for the benefit and welfare of the American body simply.... did that. If they just simply stopped killing us.

But, of course, that sounds like an extremely, unrealistic request.

How dare we want to be treated as a living, breathing person.

How dare we call for justice of our fellow brethren who have been shot down or suffocated or hunted and killed.

How dare we.


How dare you.

How dare you treat black people as though protesting is not within our rights as American citizens thanks to the 1st Amendment of freedom of speech. How dare you use an weapon deemed illegal in the acts of war on American citizens who are expressing their right to protest. How are you continue to kill us and more than anything, how dare you continue to get away with it because the same system that was designed to protect us is the same system allowing for these officers to walk away freely from their crimes.

It's disgusting.

However, none of this was the point of this post and before I get too deep into the passionate rabbit hole, I'm gonna bring it all back to the main point.

I had to take the time to feel my emotions in order to even begin to write this.

You all, should do the same.

While you're spreading awareness, protesting, donating, being black... take the time to feel whatever, you need to feel, in the moment you feel it. If you don't, it makes it almost, impossible to do the work that needs to be done which is spreading awareness. The more people know, whether they chose to acknowledge it or not, is the closer we, as a people, as black people, get to seeing and living in change. Some real, change.

Don't let it fester.

I'm not asking, if Black Lives Matter. You know they do. I'm not just, saying, that Black Lives Matter. Again, you know they do. We wouldn't be here on God's green earth if otherwise.

Be angry, but don't become angry

It's ya girl, IT'S MAYA,

and I'm out.

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Wellness Check??

Maybe, it's just me not wanting to talk to people.

Maybe, it's just me and not wanting to socially interact.

Maybe, it's just me getting used to this whole social distancing thing.

Maybe, it's just me.


I do not appreciate when I receive wellness check type of messages.

It's like, reminding me that I need to be checked on and it doesn't sit well with me.

I know, most, maybe not all of the time, they are done with pure, genuine intention. I know that.

However, I don't get that genuine feel from those kinds of messages.

I get the, she needs to be checked on, feeling and it makes me feel... like a burden. Almost as if, I know you don't want to... but you feel obligated to do so and then, I feel as though I'm obligated to respond with the proper answer because you've already made the first move by reaching out. Now, I gotta come up with something pleasing so that the conversation can continue up to standard before you feel fulfilled in checking up on me and I'm not being left alone for the next few weeks.


maybe it's just me,


if I wanted to talk or text or be heard from, I would reach out.

Let me, reach out.

I know everyone's not like that.

I know there are people who appreciate the thought and the act of being checked on.

However, as for me, and my cell phone,

if I wanted you to know how I was doing, what I was doing, or what my plans are,

believe me, you'd know, as soon as possible.

But, don't be like me.

If you have friends that care about you, as immensely as they possibly could and want to genuinely know how you are, with the genius desire to help you relieve any type of stress or pent up emotion that being locked in the house for months can induce, let them.

Be open and receptive to it.

Depression is serious.

Anxiety, is serious.

Mental health, as a whole, is serious.

Take it seriously.

And if no one is reaching out and you know that they won't, it's ok to become that friend with the pure, genuine intentions.

That goes hand in hand with knowing who your friends are.

You know who you create relationships with.

You know how the person within the relationship you share, operate and in being their friend, or their person or even just someone who cares for them, you know how they receive these type of messages or phone calls.

With that being said, don't overstep on boundaries that have already been pre-established and, don't shut down when someone makes the effort to reach out and check on you... even if you wish they didn't.

The sooner you answer,

the sooner it's all over....

... if you're lucky.

It's ya girl, IT'S MAYA,

and I'm out.

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Yo Maya, Whats Poppin???

What’s it like to be home during a quarantine?

Oh, it’s so fantastic.


I’m so close to going insane and it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m home with my parents, at all. No, more so, everything to do with my once introvert self, being in self-isolation and it’s not by choice. It’s because I was told to stay home, that I have no desire to stay at home. Maybe it’s the Aries in me, or the always wanting to do the opposite of what I’m told that has me feeling this way. Restless. Who really knows for sure. All I know is that, if given the choice of staying home for $500 or running free doing any and everything I want to do, outside…. I’d have to strongly consider the options. Restless. I think that’s a better way of wording it opposed to “cabin -fever” though I am feeling slightly feverish thanks to the air conditioning turning on and off, thanks auto setting. I shouldn’t be complaining. I’m thankful and more than anything grateful to have a home to be locked up in, with air conditioning, a roof over my head and food to eat. I am grateful. I just wish I had a choice in the manner but, oh well. I’m sure to get over that within the next hour. Anyways, stay home. Hug your family members a little bit tighter. Don’t be afraid of saying I love you and meaning it. Make pointless and dumb TikTok videos if you so please because it makes you feel better, or distracts you. Read that book you were putting off. Do that research you’ve been dreading. Make this time productive… or don’t. Relax how you so please and don’t let social media make you feel bad about how you choose to spend your time during this pandemic. Your care, is self care. I’ve finished an amazing trilogy and watched the movies for it. I’ve looked into learning a few new trades. I’ve spoken and FaceTimed with friends I haven’t been in the best contact. I’m one week away from celebrating my birthday, again, shout out to my fellow Aries. I’ve bugged my parents and chilled with my brother. I’ve caught up on some great sleep and more than anything, I’m getting to know myself more and more because news flash, you are an ever changing and evolving being which means, learning yourself over and over again is essential and necessary so, do that and be shameless in it. Ok, I think this is enough… right Mike? Anyways, listen or don’t. I hope it maybe helped you or you at least feel what I’m saying in some way or sort. Regardless, I said what I said.

It’s ya girl, IT’S MAYA,

and I’m out.

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Let's Talk About It!

Events, Thoughts, Trending & More...

Not Another Slave Movie?

Mike's Got Something To Say

HARRIET has opened in theaters across the country. I know what you are thinking. A film about Harriet Tubman, another slave movie, I’m not going to see that…Well YOU should and here is why.

First, let’s talk about the history. The textbook accounts and tales of Harriet Tubman aren’t fabricated as some may think. Her story is unique…But simply, she was born in Maryland, into slavery in the early 1800s. She experienced trauma very young when she was hit in the head by her slave owner. All accounts relate the object to being heavy and metal. I don’t know about you, but anytime you are hit in the head with any metal object, your life will change. But as we continue, she gets to a point where she decided to seek her freedom. And she did. Escaping slavery, she returned multiple times to Maryland freeing over 70 slaves. Accounts say she carried a gun. That being part of her methods for keeping men and women united as she led them north. As Frederick Douglas and others worked in legislation to end slavery, it was said Harriet was there, being one of very few women to advise such council. During the civil war, we were taught she was a spy for the union army. However countless research, in my eyes, she was a leader, Captain, Colonel, Sergeant, being she is the only woman and first woman to be listed in the history books as leading an armed assault against the confederate.

So, if you think you HARRIET is going to be your typical “another slave movie”, you obviously have no regard for our history or about those who overcame during such a vicious time in the past of the United States.

Secondly, this continued reign of uplifting our black women, Black Girl Magic, Black Women Rock, it must never stop!! Director Kasi Lemmon paints a picture of Harriet Tubman perfectly with Actress Cynthia Erivo. She embodies what I think black women are, Our Strength, Our Encouragement, Our Partners, Our Nurturers, Fierce Protectors, Spiritual Connectors…just Devoted Beings. Lemmons takes every account ever told of Tubman and links them into the perfect story of the most famous conductor of the Under Ground Railroad.

Do me a favor! Go see this movie. Not just for numbers, not just for supporting Director Lemmons (Eve’s Bayou), Cynthia Erivo (Widows) and an excellent assemble of black casting featuring Janelle Monae, Leslie Odom Jr., Omar J. Dorsey (Queen Sugar), Vanessa Bell Calloway, Daphne Reid (Aunt Vi #2, Fresh Prince)……but our story should never be discarded, shared in disdain and NEVER FORGOTTEN. It is not our present or future, but the PAST that has made us such a powerful force of people. Always remember the journey!!!


Mike B

 Melanin News

Media Girls On Tour

Oct 3, 2019​

Randi O stopped by to check out Media Girls on Tour where they highlighted and honored women in media that are excelling in our community and inspiring others to chase their dreams! At this event they honored Atlanta’s leading influencers in the media and entertainment industry, while connecting entrepreneurs and creatives worldwide!

I always find myself feeling giddy when I go to women empowerment events such as these. The vibe wass friendly and welcoming. Women supporting Women! I'd like to thank one of the vendors who had this amazing sunglass line in which I bought some of the shades but ended up leaving them there! SMH. Congrats to the person who has some free shades! LOL

I’d have to say the best part of the event was my interview with Mz. Shyneka. She can be heard on 107.9 on the afternoon drive.

Let me paint a picture for you. Mz. Shyneka was one of the speakers at the event so of course everyone wanted to interview her. I will say I had to take a double take. Although I listen to here OFTEN … I had never seen her. But I quickly put two and two together when I heard her voice.

So my business partner and I, Devin Barbee, decided we wanted to interview her, OF COURSE. I walk up to Mz. Shyneka and ask for the interview. She gladly accepts. Let me list the problems that occurred right before we started the interview:

- Camera person had never used my camera before

- Minutes taken to explain how to use the camera

- We do the interview right next to the dj… audio is too loud

- Then we try to get the mics but those weren’t picking up sound

This process probably took 5 mins to set up and 3 mins to interview. The panel was about to start and 10 mins. Let me just say MZ. SHYNEKA is my giiirrrllll. She was patient, kind and so understanding. She didn’t give me a stank eye, she didn’t say never mind and she even ​took a pic afterwards. My shortcoming did not change her demeanor and that is sooo appreciated! Love you girl!

So I got my life at this event and I appreciate Media Girls on Tour for giving me the opportunity to come, learn and share.

Q's 10 Spot


  1. Y'all gotta stop telling folks they can sing
  2. Y'all gotta stop stop saying FREE _____
  3. Y'all gotta stop saying ____was a good person after he die
  4. Y'all gotta stop asking for food stamps on Facebook
  5. Y'all gotta stop asking for a discount from other black owned business
  6. Y'all gotta stop asking for the manager
  7. Y'all gotta stop getting on family for cutting off family
  8. Y'all gotta stop walking pass other black people without speaking
  9. Y'all gotta stop being niggardly
  10. Y'all gotta stop thinking everyone is attacking you in conversation or arguing when another doesn't agree

~ It's Time to 'Que' The Taqeover